This is what the Lord says—
    your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:
“I am the Lord your God,
    who teaches you what is best for you,
    who directs you in the way you should go.
(Isa. 48:17 NIV)

My name is Dagmawi Wube. I was born and raised in Addis Ababa. I grew up in a strong family with a devoted Ethiopian Orthodox Church /EOC/ religious background. During my childhood, I used to be a child with lots of traditional images that talked about God and his marvelous duties in human history. I was, therefore, a very quick-to-respond boy for spiritual truths since my childhood. Even if I succeeded in persisting as a religious boy, I was highly prompted and challenged by school friends to little carnal experiences. As a religious boy, however, I was unsatisfied with my religious life. It was in 1993 that I was touched for the first time by the word of God.

My cousin was the one who had witnessed Christ to my friends and me. My friends were questioning the intercessory role of Mary and eventually refused to accept Jesus as a savior. But, I was quick to give my life to Christ on that same day. That was the year I was born in the family of a wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ. Since then, my cousin had nurtured me in faith. Soon, I joined Kolfe Kale Heywet Church’s /KKHC/ Children Sunday School.

All of my childhood aspirations were to become an Aircraft Pilot. However, my endeavor toward this goal was not attained due to God’s call for a ministry. At the end of my high school education, I got myself full of energetic future visions, plans, and enthusiasm for ministry in God’s Kingdom. One of the people who had assisted me in discipleship lessons was called Dr. Andrew Nock, a missionary through SIM at Bingham Academy. As a spiritual father who discipled me, he was the first man who noticed God’s call in my life. Then, he insisted that I should go to a Bible college for theological training. The fact that I am called to ministry has gradually occupied the whole of my life in the 1998 and 99s. I joined the Evangelical Theological College (ETC) in the year 2000 for a direct Bachelor of Theology studies.
Upon my graduation in 2004, I gave my time to the Lord to serve in my local Church, Kolfe Kale Heywet Church. I had been serving in the church for four years as a Teaching and Training Ministry Department Coordinator, and also as a Bible School Director. In this ministry position, I was responsible for the Adult Sunday School, Bible School, Zonal Cell Groups, and Training/Seminar preparations. Right on the same year of consented to my resignation from a full-time ministry, I was elected to serve as a General Secretary for the Elders’ board of the church. Accordingly, I served as the General Secretary for two terms (six years). My cousin, Dr. Andrew Knock, my theological education at ETC, and the ministry positions I have had in the church were significant factors that have aided my personal and professional growth as a Christian and a servant leader.

Regarding my academic background, I have a Master of Art in Biblical and Theological Studies as well as a Master of Theology degree and a Certificate in Management and Leadership: Growing as a Manager from The Open University of UK. I also have an Advanced Certificate in Computer Maintenance and am internationally certified as a Trainer and Training Consultant by the International Communication Training Institute, a UK-based organization. I am a fast-to-learn kind of person who can learn anything as long as it is in the area of my interest. Currently, I am a Ph.D. student at Biola University a specializing in research on Intercultural education.

My work experience is diverse. Meantime, I am working as a Digital Media Ministries Director at the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church, one of the largest denominations in Ethiopia with more than 11 million members and 10,000 local churches. In addition to the digital and Social media outlets, my responsibility in this position includes managing and directing the studio and the Heywet TV Satellite broadcasts. Earlier, I was working as a National Level Senior Training Coordinator at the same office. Before this, I worked as a translator and editor at SIM Press. Before SIM, I worked as a Homeschool Teacher for an International NGO, Adoption Advocates International (AAI). In this NGO, it was my duty and commitment to develop, improve, and deliver quality education for disadvantaged children including orphans and vulnerable ones. I had to ensure that the children receive a quality education with learner-centered approaches according to the Educational Standards set by the Ethiopian and American educational and curricular systems. Before AAI, I worked as a Teaching and Training Ministry Department Head of Kolfe Kale Heywet Church. For four and half years, I was involved in Educational Ministry Planning, Budgeting, Implementing, Monitoring, and Evaluating. I had day-to-day educational leadership over the Bible School of the church. In all these experiences, I am challenged to be creative, nurturing, and most of all, patient in all kinds of work atmospheres.

Digital and Godly Instructions Int. (DAGII) is one of the digital ministry initiatives and ventures in my personal and part-time ministry commitments. It feels like I partnered with and let God use my public nickname, Dagi, short for Dagmawi, and transform it to represent a digital teaching ministry effort. The purpose of this digital teaching ministry is to become a good choice for especially the young and tech-savvy Christians for digital and godly instructions of the biblical, theological, historical, and doctrinal materials.   

Both in my undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as in my short courses and training, I have acquired skills in Administration, Educational planning & management, Media, as well as Learning & Information Management. I am aspiring that these professional skills will enable me to become a competent ministry leader effectively. In addition, my communication abilities, relationship-building skills, and flexibility would be of the highest additional benefit to the universal church and evangelical believers. It is my goal to combine my range of experience with my ability to be a diligent, enthusiastic, and intelligent global leader who will make a positive contribution to the faith community.


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